If you're looking for a quiet and unique place off the beaten path to enjoy some time together, Roebling Inn is the simple solution of where to go. It's more than just a comfortable room and delicious breakfast--it's the surroundings that make it special. There's an authentic feel of the historic building in sync with the historic river valley, the Upper Delaware River valley, a place where you can still hear yourself think. Nature has the upper hand here, as the river has carved a winding way through the mountains. Not glamorous or manicured, and not full of billboards or traffic, other than boats on the river. Many restaurants, chef-owned. Just a place to relax and regain your senses--the fragrance of hemlocks, the many shades of green, the movement of leaves by a breeze, the chatter of birds or their flights in formation (how do they do that?), a place to marvel at the starry sky or the full moon.

We know how precious your leisure time is, so your comfort, privacy and enjoyment are our highest priority. We provide  immaculate restful accommodations in an authentic 1870 landmark, decorated in a relaxed English Country decor. There are 5 guestrooms and a 1-bedroom cottage, all with private bath, Hulu TV, a/c, and free wi-fi. Breakfast is no longer offered.

As hosts, we are here for you but we are non-intrusive. If you enjoy conversation, we are happy to chat, however, if you love your privacy, we respect that equally.

The 1870 white clapboard building with green shutters is a timeless classic. Originally built by the Delaware Hudson Canal Company in 1870 and listed on the National Historic Register, it has gracefully retained its warmth and appeal. High ceilings classic woodwork, plaster walls, and solid construction date back to a bygone era of craftsmanship. We purchased the building in 1985, keeping your privacy and comfort in mind. It's not pretentious or perfect but comfortably elegant. We will point you in the right direction for dining and outdoor pursuits.

People in the area are friendly and restaurants are outstanding. Many guests comment that they would love to live here. We hope you will come for a visit and guarantee that you will be glad you did.

In the 1800's the Delaware was slowed by a slack-water dam, allowing barges to be pulled across by rope. But timber-rafters on the river had to shoot rapids over the dam, and accidents were frequent. The canal company eventually hired Judge Thomas Ridgway to pay damage claims, and the stately Greek Revival house where he lived and worked is now the Roebling Inn on the Delaware.

The inn, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is run by Donald and JoAnn Jahn, who greet guests with warm smiles and expert local knowledge. Upstairs, comfortable rooms overlook the river and downstairs a cozy parlor, dining nook await you to enjoy their comfort. Outside there is a sloping lawn to the pristine river, where beach chairs await summer.
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